Easter Camps saw over 400 children come through the doors at our Camps at Abingdon, Berinsfield, Botley, Didcot and Oxford. Here’s my highlights of the Abingdon Camp…

Elite Camps Abingdon’s easter half term was a fun filled two weeks. We had a brand new activity arrive for us to try which were the wiggle cars, these were small sit on trikes that you had to wiggle to start the movement. We designed a track for the children to race around, we also played cops and robbers along with many others, the wiggle cars were loved by the children and coaches a like, thank you for Time2Bounce for supplying us with these.

Later on in the week a favourite activity returned for the children to enjoy, this was Glow in the Dark Dodgeball. This is always an activity that is loved by the children, we set out some glow sticks and UV lights out to make the court glow, UV lights on and the kids were ready to play!

Finally Nerf Wars is another activity that is loved by the kids, hiding behind camouflage nets and armed with lots of foam bullets the kids we’re zipping around and popping up everywhere.

Many thanks to all that attended our Easter half term activity camps and we hope to see you again in May!