Anyone with children will know that they usually love to be active and enjoy the freedom of moving around but do we really know the importance an active childhood?

Encouraging children at a younger age to take part in sports and stay active can help to develop this routine into their lives as they grow older when staying active and participating in sport becomes more of a challenge. Developing a love for physical activity at a young age through encouragement to play sport and being an active role model can help healthy patterns last right through into adulthood.

Kwik cricket

We’re always told about the importance of keeping children active and healthy, but do we really know why it is important? Regular exercise can provide benefits such as:

· Stronger muscles and bones

· Easier to maintain a healthy weight

· Improves sleep

· Helps to improve mood and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety

· Increases energy levels

· Decreases risk of developing type 2 diabetes

· Exercise can also encourage children to be motivated, focused and be successful in school.

Although children naturally love to run around and play, sometimes it can be difficult to get them going so how can we get kids to exercise?


Being an active role model in everyday life will encourage children to be active as they watch and mimic your habits. Choosing the right sport or activity for your child’s ability and age is important as this will ensure that they enjoy being active and want to continue with the sport or exercise. Making the activities fun and sociable will also encourage an active lifestyle. If it’s difficult to find the time to go to sports and activities clubs then exercise can be used as a transportation method, why not cycle to school?

We offer various after school activity clubs and holiday camps at Elite Youth Sports which get children healthy and active – check out our website to see what we offer!