Easter Camps saw over 400 children come through the doors at our Camps at Abingdon, Berinsfield, Botley, Didcot and Oxford. Here’s my highlights of the Botley Camp…

Wiggle Cars

Easter Half-Term saw the introduction of a BRAND NEW #EliteActivity from our friends at Time2Bounce. The wiggle cars are used by moving the steering wheel from side to side. They were a huge hit with the kids and we were able to make a race track for the children to whizz around on as well as playing games like Cops and Robbers. The wiggle cars were also coach friendly so our coaches were able to join in! We’ll definitely be bringing them back for May half-term!

Nerf Wars

The fans favourite Nerf Wars returned again at Easter and were as popular as ever! Goggles on, Headbands on and armed with an arsenal of foam bullets. The children darted around the hall, ducking, diving and dodging whilst shooting each other. Hiding behind camouflage netting and other equipment to avoid being hit. We aim to make our Nerf Wars at future camps BIGGER and better, with the use of pop up tents, tunnels and barriers for the children to have even more fun!

Capture The Flag

A game so simple, minimal equipment, maximum fun. The Botley Camp children LOVE Capture the flag.

Two teams. Two Flags. Two territories.

The aim- To steal the other teams flag and make it back to your territory without being caught!

The massive field and playground at Botley means this game is EPIC. Showing teamwork and athleticism it bought the children together and created a fun competitive atmosphere at the camp!

Thank you to all the parents and children involved in the Easter Camps! We look forward to seeing you all again in May!