Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to bring to camp?

To help you prepare for your child’s attendance, please find below some helpful information to get ready for camp;

What to bring to camp;

• Coat/Raincoat (depending on weather and time of year)

• Sun cream (labelled with their name)

• Packed lunch (Please ensure that nuts not included in your child’s lunch or snacks, including peanut butter)

• Refillable bottle of water (labelled with their name)

• Spare pair of clothes on Elite Activity days for Wet & Wild. (Summer Only)

• Please do not bring any personal belongings to camp unless a detriment to your child’s wellbeing.

Will there be photos or videos taken of my children at camp?

From time to time our marketing team will visit the camps to use the opportunity to take promotional videos or photos for the following years marketing. When booking your child on to camp there is the option to allow permission for this. If permission is not granted we will ensure the children do not appear facially in any photos.

Do you offer any sibling discounts?

When booking two children or more on to camp your booking will automatically receive a 5% discount off your total price.

Where can I find your cancellation policy?

Our Cancellation Policy can be found in the footer of our website in the terms and conditions.

How do I contact the camp directly?

Each camp has an allocated mobile number for use on the day should you be running late or need to confirm any details you forgot to give at registration. The camp mobile numbers will be displayed on signs at registration in the morning.

What changes have been made to adapt to covid regulations?

We've made extensive changes to adapt and remain a safe environment during the covid pandemic. We successfully operated during Summer 2020 and will remain to function in the same way until deemed safe by the government to relax procedures. Our Covid Policy can be found in our website footer.