Covid-19 Update For Parents 

After extremely successful camp operations in 2020 following government guidelines, all changes made will remain in place until at least Winter 2021.

This includes some of the following changes;

  • ​​​​A contactless drop off, registration and collection procedure

  • Children will be divided in to groups of 15 and remain in those groups throughout the day.

  • The existing activities timetable has been tweaked to ensure social distancing can be followed by children and camp coaches.

  • Each group of 15 children will be given staggered snack times and lunch breaks to ensure areas can be cleared and cleaned for the next group.

  • Staff training days with the whole team to ensure complete understanding of new policies and procedures for all camps and clubs.

  • Updates to our illness and absence policy

  • All parents will be sent our Covid-19 policy and Terms and conditions at the time of booking.

All our policies and procedures are subject to change as the government releases further information.

We will continue to operate transparently and keep all our parents and staff updated with any further changes.

The government have released information for the new tiering restriction systems and childcare/schools/colleges are all permitted to stay open throughout each tier. Should this change we will adhere to any new rules and regulations.

If you'd like to discuss anything in detail with us or ask any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing or calling 01235 415846.

Our full Covid-19 policy can be found here.

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