Easter holidays are finally upon us and we have two weeks with the children off school so, you may be stuck with ideas for what you’re all going to get up too! If that’s the case, look no further as we have all the ideas.

1. Obviously, the top of the list is our fun filled holiday camps!! We have activity camps in Abingdon, Botley and Didcot with a range of activities from Street dance and Golf Academy, Gymnastics and Hover boards, Wiggle Cars and Assault Courses as well as all our usually elite sports such as Football, Tennis, Archery, Kwik Cricket and Volleyball! Your kids will have the best time and will make lots of new friends. Head over to our booking page to book a space! https://www.eliteyouthsports.co.uk/book-now

2. Why not head over to the Museum of Natural History in Oxford for a Family Friendly Sunday. Take part in family friendly trails, crafts, backpacks and more – No bookings required.

3. The Fairy-tale Farm in Chipping Norton have a unique Easter weekend planned for the family. Visitors can explore a Giant Rabbit Burrow and even meet the Easter Bunny who will be giving away yummy Easter Eggs, or you can follow the enchanted walk trail on a Golden Egg Hunt!

Easter bunny

4. Don’t fancy going out? Why not host your own creative Easter Egg hunt? You could even make it interactive by putting activities like ‘hopping like a bunny’, ‘doing somersaults’, ‘singing your favourite song’ inside the Easter Eggs to create more fun for the kids, as well as burning more of that Easter energy!


5. As it’s Easter, you could treat the kids to some Easter baking! Easter egg cookies, Chocolate chip hot cross buns, Bunny Cupcakes, they all sound soooo yummy!! Here’s a link to our favourite – Easter Egg Brownies, delicious! https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/easter-egg-brownies

Easter brownies