Caldecott, Chilton, Grove C of E, Stephen Freeman, St Laurence and Willowcroft all participated in the tournament, in what were ridiculously blustery conditions on the huge field at The Aureus School in Didcot. Despite the adverse weather conditions the players soldiered through and continued to play the game in the right way. Throughout the tournament our referees and our coaches were amazed by the sportsmanship and behaviour of all the players. Each and every team were a credit to their school both as footballers and as people.

The tournament was for Year 5/6 boys and girls, this was to offer inclusivity to all schools and to give as many children as possible the opportunity to be involved in competitive sport. Football being a mainly male dominated sport, it was great to see so many girls playing in our tournament. All of them more than capable to compete with the boys technically and physically. This is something we hope will continue in to future Elite Tournaments.

The tournament consisted of a Group of 7, with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th going through to the Cup Semi-Finals. With 5th place getting a bye to the Plate Final and 6th and 7th going through to the Plate Semi Final.

1st Stephen Freeman 16pts

2nd Caldecott (Blue) 14pts

3rd St Laurence 8pts

4th Grove C of E 8pts

5th Willowcroft 6pts

6th Caldecott (White) 4pts

7th Chilton 1pts


Caldecott (White) Vs Chilton – Chilton won on penalties.


Stephen Freeman 1 Vs 0 Grove C of E

Caldecott (Blue) 2 Vs 1 St Laurence


CUP – Stephen Freeman Vs Caldecott (Blue) – Caldecott (Blue) won on penalties.

PLATE – Willowcroft 1 Vs 0 Chilton

A special mention to the Caldecott (Blue) player who before celebrating the victory of the tournament Final with his team mates, proceeded to shake the hands of the Stephen Freeman players. This showed perfectly the spirit of which the tournament was played in. Well done Jacob!

Thank you to all the Children, Parents and Teachers who all made it possible on Friday. It was a great afternoon of football.

We hope to have more tournaments in the future and look forward to more great afternoons of sport.

We’ve pencilled Friday the 7th of December in the diary for a Tag-Rugby tournament but will be in touch with further details!