Good news for those needing holiday camps this half term…

We can currently provide holiday camps for February Half Term offering a service for critical and key worker children. The government have a requirement to allow professional childcare providers to still run, enabling parents to continue going to work. The only location we will be running this February will be held in Abingdon at Larkmead School (Sports Hall). Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at the logistics on how we can offer much-needed childcare safely.

The best way for us to minimise the mixing of children from different households is to have set camp sessions throughout the week. What this means is the following;

  • All sessions are to be booked no later than Sunday 14th February and no further bookings will be taken after. This will ensure the same people are attending those sessions and minimise any unnecessary mixing.
  • Groups will be based on sessions and siblings rather than ages as previous camps have run.
  • Sessions available on a first come first served basis and can be booked online now until Sunday 14th Feb.
  • Timings will remain the same for all sessions at 8am – 5pm to cover the full working day. (unless a 4-year-old which is 8am – 12pm)
  • You must book for ALL sessions within the group you choose to place your child. Sessions Available at Abingdon Camp; Full Week – Monday to Friday – Group 1 Two Days – Monday & Tuesday – Group 2 Two Days – Wednesday & Thursday – Group 3 One Day – Friday – Group 4

To view our latest Covid Policy and changes please click here.