Hello Molly and welcome to our Meet the Coach Series. What is your role at Elite Youth Sports and how long have you been with us? 

I have been working at Elite Youth Sports for just over 2 and a half years! I started on their apprenticeship programme, working my way up to my current job role of Head Coach and Team Leader.

Describe a typical day for you. How are you finding it?

No two days are the same at Elite! The variety in my job is what I love the most. I have thoroughly enjoyed the transition from when I first started, to where I am now. I have really found my feet and increased my confidence. I’ve been able to really kick start my career and overcome any obstacles in my way with the help and support of the staff and qualified sporting professionals who work alongside me. Depending on the day, I can either be found in primary schools teaching children national curriculum PE or in the office supporting company operations. 

During the school holidays we hold activity camps for children so during those times, I oversee several locations and make sure everything is running smoothly. I also deliver any extra supplies they may need which could be anything from extra seeds for carrot planting or hand sanitiser to keep those germs at bay! 

What made you want to become a sports coach?

My passion for sports and understanding the opportunities that it can create for so many children was a major drive for me. There’s a strong link between mental health and exercise so it really benefits everyone. Growing up, I always had a keen interest in sports and took part in a lot of sporting clubs in and out of school. My Mum and Dad were secretary and chairman of a grass roots football club, which highlighted the importance of sports within the local community. Finding joy through movement enabled all participants to receive the benefits of holistic development.

What are your core values as a coach?

Moulding minds, inspiration, fostering talent.

Moulding minds and inspiring others are core values for me. Sports helps an individual not just in the physical aspects, but builds character, teaches leadership skills, develops strategic thinking, just to name a few. Moulding young minds and inspiring them when it comes to sports and character development is really rewarding. Fostering talent is another value of mine. I love to help children to achieve their goals and aspirations when it comes to physical education.

As a team leader, how do you motivate your team?

Sharing my vision and setting clear goals for us all to work towards helps to motivate the team. Reinforcing our purpose and understanding our mission, which is to make every child feel part of the Elite Youth Sports family and to help them to develop confidence within themselves and be the best person they can be. I aim to provide the environment and opportunities for my colleagues to thrive along with constant support and guidance where needed. Giving positive feedback and rewards for good work can also help to increase the morale of the team.

What are your top three biggest strengths?

I would have to sum up my three biggest strengths as adaptability, creativity and the ability to work well under pressure. I’m able to make creative, active lesson plans with adaptations to suit all participants needs whilst, at the same time, being fun and interesting. I am flexible and can make changes depending on the situation at short notice. Working under pressure enables me to perform well in any situation, even if it’s out of my control.