PE Coaching

Professional PE Coaching with our PPA cover and Premium Sports Coaching Cover

What We Offer

Elite Youth Sports provide Primary Schools with professional PE Coaching with our PPA cover and Premium Sports Coaching Cover. Our Coaches deliver carefully structured sessions focused around the company philosophy of keeping children active for the maximum time possible, whilst learning and developing new skills.

Our aim is to develop every child in their own specific way. We work closely with the schools to continue to increase the children’s’ sporting education, helping the school set goals and reach targets. To make sure our high standards are maintained, We are in regular contact with our schools and have termly coach assessments, to ensure children benefit from our coaching expertise. Coaches will also evaluate the children after every sport, so teachers have a useful grading for the end of year reports.

After School Clubs

PPA Cover

Elite Youth Sports offer a fantastic opportunity for the children within your school to benefit from our coaching expertise with our P.E. PPA cover. Our coaches take away the stress of PE for teachers by providing structured lessons which enable children to keep active and learn skills whilst enjoying various sports.

EYS find it key that we are professional, reliable and consistent to ensure that children learn in a safe environment at all times. We educate children in vital aspects of the selected sport to improve their understanding of how and why techniques and tactics may be used. This ranges from; passing and teamwork in Invasion games, to rolls and balances in Gymnastics. This enables the children to get a wide insight into the activity.

​Our lesson plans are constantly reviewed by our coaches to help improve the standard of teaching. We structure our lessons so that children are on the move

Sports Premium

Schools sports has now been boosted with the news the Sports Premium Funding is now being doubled to £320 million per year. The School Premium Funding can be used in a variety of ways ​to improve the sports and benefit all the pupils within your school. If your looking to introduce new sports and activities, provide staff with training or to increase your pupils participation in competitive sports, there is no better time to enhance your schools sports with Elite Youth Sports.

Our Staff

Our Coaches all have the same goal – to help every individual child learn whilst getting maximum enjoyment out of their sporting experience. EYS coaches are professional, friendly, energetic and enthusiastic. We aim for our sessions to be active, safe and fun whilst ensuring the children learn different techniques, rules and skills in a variety of sports.​

With classroom management extremely important to us, we provide internal training throughout the year for all of our staff to maintain and increase our standards. Along with staff training, EYS conduct regular team meetings to share ideas and experiences. Coaches also attend specialised courses to enhance their skills and knowledge within different sports.

Sports & Lessons

Elite Youth Sports can provide your school with a long list of sports for your pupils to experience. From Netball & Tennis, to Dance & Gymnastics. Just let us know what sports your would like at your school and we will provide.

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