If you’re searching for a unique and exciting target sport that combines precision, strategy and a touch of adventure then look no further. Soft archery is a brilliant steppingstone for beginners as it is developed to be much safer and easier to use. This makes it brilliant for younger children as well as adults. It blends elements of traditional archery with modern advancements in equipment and safety. It replaces traditional arrows with suction cups that attach onto the flat, plastic targets. This offers a safer alternative to the sharp metal arrowheads in the traditional game.

How Do You Play Soft Archery?

Soft archery is much like traditional archery where you have a bow and arrow, except the arrow is a suction cup in this case. Participants use lightweight bows which are easier to handle and then aim at the targets. The targets have different rings which represent how many points is scored when the arrow lands. The “Bullseye” in the centre holds the most points and scores 10 points for the player when hit.

The Best Things About Soft Archery

Soft Archery is a popular game enjoyed by all ages thanks to its safety and accessibility. The use of suction cups in the place of arrow heads, reduces the risk of injury and harm, making it suitable for all ages and abilities. It provides a gateway for individuals to experience the thrill of archery without the concerns.

It allows participants to develop their skills and challenges their hand-eye coordination and precision. As players improve their aim and accuracy, they enhance their overall archery skills and build confidence in their abilities. Soft archery provides a platform for personal growth and skill development. The act of drawing the bow, aiming and releasing the arrow targets several muscle groups, providing a satisfying workout as well as entertainment.

Soft Archery delivers an exciting and adrenaline pumping experience. The combination of aiming at targets, the anticipation of a successful shot and the satisfaction of hitting the target creates an exhilarating sense of achievement. The fast paces and action-packed nature of the game is sure to keep participants engaged and entertained.

What Makes it Elite?

Overall, Soft Archery offers a thrilling and accessible way to experience the ancient art of archery, whether you’re a beginner or a professional archer looking for a unique challenge. Soft archery provides an enjoyable and immersive experience for children, camp managers and coaches alike at our camps. So grab a bow, aim true and discover the joy of this fantastic sport!