With the success of our previous Football tournament back in October, we hosted our second Elite competition of the school year.

Friday the 7th December saw Abbey woods academy, Caldecott, Long Furlong and The Hendreds all participating at The Aureus School in Didcot at our tough rugby tournament. Despite the poor weather conditions throughout the morning the tournament went ahead. With the rain holding off and a chilly afternoon all of the children attending represented their schools with a great manor and continued to play with a smile on their face.

The tournament had 7 teams mixed with year 5/6 boys and girls. Tag rugby is a tricky sport to understand but with the help from our coaches and referees explaining rules it helped the children improve their game from match to match.

The tournament consisted of one Group of 7 teams, with 1st to 4th going through to the Cup Semi-Finals. The remaining teams then competed for the Plate final, with 5th place receiving a bye to the Plate Final and 6th and 7th going through to the Plate Semi Final.

The results were as follows:

Group round:

1st Long Furlong A 26pts (Long Furlong went through as leaders on more tries scored)

2nd Caldecott B 26pts

3rd The Hundreds 22pts

4th Caldecott A 17pts

5th Long Furlong C 14pts

6th Long Furlong B 11pts

7th Abbey Woods 9pts

Plate Semi final

Long Furlong B v Abbey woods Long Furlong B progressing through to the PLATE Final

Cup Semi Final

Long Furlong A v Caldecott A Long Furlong A progressing through to the CUP Final

Caldecott B v The Hundreds The Hendreds progressing through to the Cup Final


CUP – Long Furlong A v The Hendreds

PLATE – Long Furlong C v Long Furlong B

The rules state that if the game is a draw when the final whistle blows the game must continue until the next try is scored by any team. The Cup Final refereed by Gareth Tucker thought the final was played with some exceptional talent and declared both teams winners going home with some silverware. Well done to Long Furlong A and The Hendreds

Also a big well done to Long Furlong C for winning the Plate final against friends from their school Long Furlong B

Well done to all teams participating you were a credit to your schools and a special thank you to all schools, teachers parents and our referees for making it such a great event. We’re already looking in to our next tournament, all being well will be Netball in the early part of 2019.