Elite Youth Sports & VLUK traineeships are short-term educational and training programmes with work experience that focus on giving a young person the skills and experience they need for working within the sports coaching industry.

At the core of the traineeship is the opportunity to gain high quality work experience, as well as vital English and Maths qualifications for those that need it.

Upon the successful completion of the traineeship, learners can progress onto our Apprenticeship Scheme. Other outlets include full-time employment or further study.

Students benefit from placements and mentoring with Elite Youth Sports, a bespoke learning platform, guidance and support from Virtual Learning UK's team of managements, assessors and delivery staff.

Entry Requirements

To start a traineeship, applicants must be:

  • Aged 16-24 years old

  • Qualified below level 3

  • Not currently in a job

  • Have little work experience

  • Focused on work or the prospect of it

Course Outline

The 12 week traineeship programme includes 360 hours, with the vast majority in each programme providing work experience, supported by vocational sporting qualifications, that allow students to progress to employment or further education.

Course Delivery

A Typical traineeship lasts 12 weeks. The timetable below gives an outline of what can be expected from a work experience and study point of view. The first part of the programme is weighted more towards studying 'The Principles of Coaching', with latter part involving mostly practical experience.

Longer and shorter option courses are  available, depending on the delivery site.

Course outline for typical 12 week programme.


    •    Functional skills & GCSE English and Maths workbooks provided and assessed by VLUK through the SportBrain™. Trainees that show appropriate progress will be expected to sit the relevant exams.

    •    An Employability unit focuses on the essential skills of getting and keeping a job, such as interview techniques, presentation and timekeeping.

    •    Principles of coaching taught, monitored and assessed by VLUK teaching staff.

    •    All content provided through online SportBrain™

Exit Routes

Exit routes for trainees who complete the programme may include:

    •    Level 2 or 3 Apprenticeship

    •    Employment

    •    Level 2 or 3 Study Programme

Interested in a Traineeship?

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