Bubble football, also called Zorb football is a fairly new innovation that combines elements of traditional football with the hilarious fun of wearing inflatable Zorb suits. These suits resemble large transparent bubbles with an opening at the top and bottom for your legs and head. The bubble completely encapsulates the upper body, whilst the lower body remains free for running around and kicking the ball. Helmets are worn to add an extra layer of protection to the head. This wacky and energetic twist of the popular sport shows why it has become a favourite past time for many. 

Objective of the game

The objective of the game is similar to that of regular football: to score goals and win the game. However, the gameplay in bubble football differs significantly due to the inflatable suits. The suits act as protective barriers, allowing players to bump and collide into one another without the fear of injury. This results in an amusing and often chaotic experience for both players and spectators alike. 

The rules are typically modified to enhance the hilarity of the game. Players can bounce off one another, roll around and even flip upside down whilst playing. Tackling opponents by crashing into them is allowed as no harm will be done. Maintaining control of the ball can be made difficult because of this but adds an extra layer of unpredictability to the game. 

Why is Bubble Football so popular?

Fitness and fun is combined in Bubble Football. Not only is the sport entertaining to watch and partake in, but it also provides an energetic workout. The constant bouncing and running offers an excellent cardio workout, promoting fitness and overall well-being. The bubble suit and helmet also protect against injury so it can be safer than traditional football.

Bubble football is inclusive and safe as the suits act as a cushioning barrier which reduces the risk of injury. This can allow individuals of all ages and abilities to join in with the fun, without the fear of harm. 

The sport is a fantastic team building exercise for individuals from all backgrounds and abilities. It encourages teamwork, communication and camaraderie amongst players as they learn to strategize and compete together. It can create lasting memories and fosters a sense of unity amongst players. Bubble football guarantees laughter and amusement from start to finish.

What Makes Bubble Football Elite?

Bubble football has taken the world by storm, with its combination of laughter, physicality and inclusivity, it has gained immense popularity among individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

At our holiday camps we have chosen to incorporate Bubble Football into our activity list due to the joy and amusement it brings. The children love the freedom of bouncing and rolling around in their inflatable bubble suits and have the best time.

Football isn’t a very common activity either, so a lot of the children won’t have ever had the chance to try them before so we are over the moon to give them the opportunity to. Bubble Football aligns perfectly with our goals at camp. Whether you’re looking for an exciting team-building exercise, a fun way to celebrate a special occasion or a fun and unforgettable experience, this activity is bound to deliver!